NOTICE: YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY OR YOU RISK DISQUALIFYING YOUR RUNNER. These are the directions to the only 2 spots where your friends and family can see you during the race other than at the finish line. This is for your safety, the safety of the runners, volunteers and the residents/visitors of the Winthrop area and also for everyone’s enjoyment. PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY AND SLOWLY AT ALL TIMES AND WATCH OUT FOR DEER! Travel time to the mile 16.5 (full)/3.4 (half) spectator location is about 15 minutes from downtown Winthrop.
Travel time to the mile 5.3 (full marathon only) spectator location is about 45 minutes past the mile 16.5 (full)/3.4 (half) location, or 1 hour from Winthrop (includes about 12 miles of unpaved forest service road).
From Downtown Winthrop or the Winthrop Barn:
Head west on highway 20 and turn immediately north (right) onto W. Chewuch Rd. If you pass the baseball field or the Lost River Winery you’ve went too far!
Follow W. Chewuch Rd about 6.75 miles and turn right at the stop sign. CAUTION YOU ARE BRIEFLY ON THE RACE COURSE! Cross the bridge and immediately turn left on to forest service road 37. This is the mile 16.5/3.4 spectator location.  Keep reading for directions to the mile 5.3 (full marathon only) spectator location.
Go about 1.2 miles on forest service road 37 across a small bridge and turn left onto forest service road 5010 and follow this road as it follows the river for about 10 miles. After going 10.1 miles stay straight/left as the road becomes forest service road 700. After another half mile stay straight/left and immediately park. The mile 5.3 (full marathon only) spectator location is just across the bridge. DO NOT DRIVE OVER THE BRIDGE!
Retrace your route to get back to the mile 16.5/3.4 location and/or to Winthrop and the finish line. DO NOT USE E. CHEWUCH RD to get back to town from the mile 16.5/3.4 location (it’s almost exactly the same distance to go back on the W. Chewuch Rd.).


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