Marathon Course Map

Both races are point to point, scenic, rural, net downhill and USATF certified–Marathon #WA10065WN and Half Marathon #WA11047WN. As of the 2012 race both courses now are entirely on paved road. To make up for the missed gravel section the runners will now do a short “out and back” section once they get to downtown Winthrop(both full and half marathoners do the “out and back”).The marathon has a net loss of 1300ft and the half has a net loss of 400ft– obviously they are both mostly downhill but not all downhill. The half marathon runs the exact same course as the full marathon except the half marathon runners skip the first 13.1 of the marathon course.The courses are not closed to vehicles but there aren’t many cars driving these roads anyhow but the further into the race and the closer you get to town the more cars you will see especially in the last 3-5 miles. To keep the course as car free as possible we require runners to take the buses to the start and make sure your friends and family who want to see you out on course follow the strict guidelines— this is not a spectator friendly course with only 2 spots where fans can see their marathon runners and only one spot to see the half marathon runners, not including the finish line.
There will be 10 aid stations for the full marathon runners and 5 for the half marathon runners. Each aid station will have water and Gatorade electrolyte replacement drink, GU energy gels, succeed electrolyte capsules, toilet paper, vaseline, duct tape, and band-aids. The aid stations will be approximately 2-3 miles apart.
The turnaround and other key intersections will have arrow signs and course marshals but it is ultimately the runner’s responsibility to know and follow the course.

This maps also includes the turn around

Finish/Downtown Winthrop Map

Half Marathon Course Map


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